Orangery Price Calculator

Working out the cost of an Orangery

Orangery Price CalculatorHow do you figure out how much an orangery costs?  Well, the first thing you need to establish is how big are you going to build – prices will increase the larger your proposed home extension is going to be.

Then you need to look at  the major material that is going to be used for the walls – a lot of brickwork will cost way more than full glass sided rooms. On top of that there is the roof. An orangery roof is a complicated beast, combining a flat section and a raised centre glazed lantern. This is then surrounded by hidden guttering that is itself covered with fancy fascia and corbelling.

In reality, the only way to get a proper idea of the cost of an orangery is to get a profession to your home and sit down, chat and come up with an agreed design. Based on this the supplier con come up with a written quote . A good place to start is